In a world where danger could be around every turn, one boy wonder has vowed to protect it. A red and green blur dashes into the shadows keeping a watchful eye on the people he has taken responsibility for. A shiny yellow “R” stands out from the darkness, along with his belt. He looks for the signal in the sky…but before the legendary symbol can get his attention, he hears something far more threatening. “COLIN! THIS IS YOUR MOTHER! COME HOME FOR DINNER! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE HOME BY DARK!”

I guess you could say I’ve always wanted to be a hero. I was dressing up as Robin after school and protecting my neighborhood from 1st to 3rd grade. In fact, my first words were, “Nana nana nana nana nana BATMAN!” I feel like I’ve been destined to do something superhero-related all of my life. My mother always says, “You came out of the womb excited about superheroes.” Hopefully you can see my passion, now let me tell you about what I want to do for this awesome site.

If I were to have my preference, I would love to be the official Smallville and Young Justice Reviewer. I have watched EVERY episode of Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, AND Teen Titans. Quite a few members of the same animation and writing team did all of those and are now working on Young Justice. I would be perfect for it!

I’m sure you can tell I’m a Smallville fan by my name and picture. I’ve seen every episode of every season multiple times. I remember being in 6th grade when it first came out and convincing my Dad to let me stay up and watch it. Smallville became a huge part of my life. I was fortunate enough to see the last Smallville panel at Comic-Con 2010. I was super excited because I was cosplaying Clark Kent/The Blur. I had an incredible girlfriend back then named Hayley. She was so awesome that she dressed up as Lois Lane for me! Unfortunately, nobody recognized her. But, it was still amazing! The energy was unlike anything I’ve ever felt.

That’s another thing you should know about me. I live in San Diego, California and I love it. So I hope you guys don’t mind the words ‘dude’, ‘chill’, and ‘gnarly’ because I definitely say them a lot. I also have my own comic series I’ve been working on, but more on that later. Much later!

So here’s to a new year, with a new writer to follow. You can count on fair and detailed reviews on all of your favorite shows, movies, and comics. The Crimson Blur is here to protect and entertain all of his fans!

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