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The Boys: Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker #1

Rob The Wrecker 07/23/2011 Reviews

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker is the first installment of six, in a spin-off from the pages of Dynamite Comics hit series The Boys. Created by author Garth Ennis and illustrator Darick Robertson, The Boys is one of the most compelling, realistic superhero comics in print today and Butcher Baker Candlestick Maker is no exception.

It is the back story of one of the most prevalent characters in the series, Billy Butcher. Butcher is the leader of The Boy, a C.I.A. backed team meant to control the super human population. While Butcher is one of the main characters of The Boys, very little about him is known other than the fact that he is British and quite frankly bad ass. However all that changes with Butcher Baker Candlestick Maker, as we begin to see the circumstances that helped mold Butcher into the man we see today.

Butcher grew up in England with his mother, brother Lenny, and father. We first learn this as Butcher attends his fathers wake and starts to reminisce. His walk down memory lane is not a pretty one as it reveals his father to be an abusive alcoholic, his youthful troubles which no doubt stemmed from being part of a broken family and his eventual decision to join the Royal Marines. Butcher’s father was the town baker and was feared by all. His abusive actions earned him that fear which he may have interpreted as respect. Through Butcher’s youth he found trouble where ever he went.

After being expelled from school his father gave him the advice that he could take whatever he wanted as long as he wasn’t afraid to do it. This advice, Butcher realized, would turn him into a man whom was just like his father. One fateful night Butchers father caved part of his mothers skull in. Butcher decided his response was to kill his father before it was too late for his mother however his brother talked him out of it. It was then that Butcher revealed that he planed on joining the Royal Marines.

This Book is something I think fans of The Boys have been waiting for for quite some time. Much like last years Highland Laddie did for Wee Hughie Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker offers a glimpse into the origin story of one of the most reclusive comic characters since Rorschach.

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