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Arrow To Convert Superman to The Atom

Bill Ivie 07/07/2014 Movies and TV

The Atom Brandon RouthComic book fans and critics seem to love the television show Arrow.  Most of those same fans and critics unite in their dislike of the movie Superman Returns.  Now the two DC properties will cross paths in the upcoming season of Arrow in an interesting way.

Brandon Routh, the man who wore the cape in Superman Returns, will reportedly join the Arrow cast as Ray Palmer.  Palmer, as comic fans know, is better known as The Atom.  Capable of shrinking himself down to the size of an atom, Palmer has frequently been tied to the Justice League but seldom to Green Arrow directly.  This also marks the first time The Atom will be portrayed in a live-action capacity.

While Superman Returns was not met with acclaim from most movie-goers, Routh’s acting ability was not the reason.  Many felt that he did the best with what he had to work with.  He was well received for his work on the big screen in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Zack and Miri Make a Porno and the television show Chuck.

Palmer will be coming to Starling City as the new owner of Queen Consolidated.  Specifically, fans can expect Palmer to take a keen interest in the Applied Sciences division.  It makes sense that the birth of The Atom will come from that focus.  His impact on Oliver and Felicity may very well be the main story for season three.

The Atom has taken on a few different origin stories in the comic books.  The most interesting thing may be to see if the creators of Arrow will stay close to either story or if they will take the opportunity to completely rewrite The Atom to better fit their needs.  Don’t be surprised if it is a little of both.

Other Notes from Arrow’s upcoming season:

  • Routh joins Devon Aoki and Peter Stormare as new cast members in the upcoming season.
  • Aoki is slated to play Tatsu Yamashiro, a blade-wielding martial arts expert known as Katana.
  • Stormare’s character, Werner Zytle, will take over distribution of the drug Vertigo
  • The character’s background is actually that of a Count, which opens the door for the obvious comic book tie-in.
  • John Barrowman, who plays Malcom Merlyn, has also been pegged for a larger role this year.

Arrow seems to be growing quickly in the third season.  Is it growing too quickly?  Do you like the future of the franchise?  Share your thoughts on the show in the comments below.

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