Here I chronicle my adventures with the Arizona Avengers, as we travel the Globe and beyond on the SHIELD Hellicarrier, Savin’ the World !!

Arizona Avengers Membership Announcement!!! Please welcome 2 new members to the AZ Avengers. Daniel Burgos our liaison with SHIELD as our Information Director. And everyone please welcome to the AZ Avengers, someone who makes an appearance in virtually every Marvel comic… Deadpool! He’s never officially been an Avenger, but based on the story in the upcoming issues of Deadpool, I think we can make an exception!

Thank you all! I Am Exceptional!
- Deadpool

Welcome guys ~ Spidey

Thank you Spidey.. Deadpool is in under one condition, he needs to take his medication as prescribed! We will be watching..—- S.H.I.E.L.D. Information Director

My Meds are like Skittles! Taste the Rainbow!! -Deadpool

Spidey!! Dude! Sorry about blaming that ‘misunderstanding’ with the exploding building on you, but the children all kept screaming “Look, it’s Spiderman!”. Who am I to dash their little hopes and say no.
- Deadpool
(Blame Spiderman)

SIGH*—-S.H.I.E.L.D. Information Director

I do hope that the Wasp is included in the next movie, just so that I can ask “What’s the Buzz about the Wasp?”!!

I like how Moon Knight is a part of the Avengers again! For those not reading the current series, check it out.
-Iron Man

MoonKnight is all Spoopy!

“Sending┬álove to Agent Burgos.”
See, I can play nice!

Well, yeah , apparently its one of your multiple personalities. Thanks Red.- Agent Burgos

Red? …Hmmm….I’ll swipe a bit from the Diesel in ‘The Pacifier’, call me..Red Baby. But you have to say it all sexy-like. “Red Bay-Bee !”