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The 2011 Harvey Awards Winners

David Vandervliet 08/21/2011 ZDONOTUSE

The 2011 Harvey Awards were presented August 20, 2011 in Baltimore, MD, in conjunction with the Baltimore Comic-Con.

Named in honor of the late Harvey Kurtzman, one of the comic book industry’s most innovative talents, the Harvey Awards recognize outstanding work in comics and sequential art.
Harvey Award
Nominations for the Harvey Awards are selected exclusively by creators – those who write, draw, ink, letter, color, design, edit or are otherwise involved in a creative capacity in the comics field.  They are the only industry awards both nominated and selected by the full body of comic book professionals.

The Master of Ceremonies this year for the third consecutive year will be Scott Kurtz (

The 2011 winners.

Best Letterer – John Workman, Thor (Marvel)

Best Colorist – Jose Villarrubia, Cuba, My Revolution (DC/Vertigo)

Best Syndicated Strip or Panel – Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau (Universal Press Synd)

Best Online Work – Hark! A Vagrant, by Kate Beaton (

Best American Edition of Foreign Material – Blacksad, Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido (Dark Horse Comics)

Best Inker – Mark Morales, Thor (Marvel)

Best New Series  – American Vampire (DC/Vertigo)

Most Promising New Talend – Chris Samnee for Thor: The Mighty Avenger (Marvel)

Special Award for Humor in Comics – Roger Langridge, The Muppet Show (Boom!)

Best Original for Younger Readers – Tiny Titans, Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani (DC)

Best Graphic Album Previous Published – Beasts of Burden:Animal Rites. Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson, (Dark Horse Comics)

Best Anthology – PopGun # 4 edited by D.J. Kirkbride, Anthony Wu and Adam P. Knave (Image)

Best Domestic Reprint Project: Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer, Artist’s Edition, designed by Randall Dahlk, edited by Scott Dunbar (IDW)

Best Cover Artist – Mike Mignola, Hellboy (Dark Horse)

Best Bio, Historical or Journalism presentation – The Art of Jaime Hernandez: The Secrets of Life and Death, Todd Hignite (Abrams ComicArts)

Special Award for Excellence in Presentation: Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer, Artist’s Edition (IDW)

Special Award to Paul McSpadden, presented by Denis Kitchen

Hero Initiative Dick Giordano Humanitarian of the Year Award: Mike Gold, presented by Mark Wheatley

Hero Initiative Lifetime Achievement Award:  Stan Lee, presented by Mark Waid

Best Original Graphic Album –  Scott Pilgrim Vol 6: Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour, Bryan Lee O’Malley (Oni)

Best Continuing of Limited Series – Love and Rockets Volume 3, Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez (Fantagraphics)

Best Writer – Roger Langridge,  Thor: The Mighty Avenger (Marvel)

Best Artist  – Darwyn Cooke, Richard Stark’s Parker: The Outfit  (IDW)

Best CartoonistDarwyn Cooke, Richard Stark’s Parker: The Outfit  (IDW)

Best Single Issue or StoryDaytripper, by Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba (DC/Vertigo)


The whole team here at Comic Booked would like to congratulate all of this years winners! Stay tuned to Comic Booked for all the latest news on the industry!


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  1. Andy Kirby 08/21/2011 at 6:15 pm

    Wow, Thor seems to be sweeping for Marvel in this.

  2. James Victor Von Hal 08/22/2011 at 2:45 am

    Alright, Scott Pilgrim got some love, epic!

  3. Skott of Fables 08/22/2011 at 8:05 am

    Nice to see Thor, The Mighty Avenger still getting some love. See, Marvel? You had something special and just let it go. But you can make up for it by doing a series of miniseries featuring the concept.

    While you're at it: NEXTWAVE!!!

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