With the recent rise in popularity of digital distribution, the print vs digital debate rages with nary an end in sight. With sites like comiXology making digital distribution easier, and Kickstarter allowing up-and-coming creators the opportunity to raise capital for an initial print run on their creations, just which side will win the war? Well, comic industry veteran Terry Moore proves that there’s no need to shun one option in favor of the other as each has its benefits. In a recent post on Moore’s personal website, he explains his reasons for signing on with digital comics leader, comiXology.

Don’t misunderstand me as abandoning print. That’s not the case at all. I’m adding this to the mix, not replacing anything. For me, digital is another retail outlet. I want—I NEED—to be on your iPad, and ComiXology is the way to do that. I’m very happy to work with them and I’m happy they want to carry my work.

Comic veteran Terry Moore discusses his decision to make Strangers In Paradise and Rachel Rising available through ComiXology.Moore goes on to explain, through an anecdote of a fan, how the comic distribution industry is in need of a revamp. When a book from a comics giant like Moore is so scarcely available in many comic book outlets, there has to be something wrong. Granted, comic stores will only purchase what sells, as books that sit on the shelf for too long are just taking up precious retail space. However, when a store purchases too few of a copy, many fans are left in the lurch, with no other outlet to make their purchase.

According to Moore, that’s where digital fits in. Through comiXology, Moore’s stories are available to all of his fans, without worry that a retailer will order too few. Digital distribution gets the product into the hands of the readers, while print gets the product in the hands of the collectors. Once the industry realizes, and embraces, the fact that not all comics readers are collectors, then I feel digital distribution will become more widely accepted.

Look for Terry Moore’s classic series Strangers In Paradise soon through comiXology. And with any hope, his newest series Rachel Rising will be available as well.