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Talking Flashpoint – Part 10

David Vandervliet 08/12/2011 Reviews


There are only three more weeks before Flashpoint, and the DCU as we know it, will come to end  in FLASHPOINT #5 on August 31.   Have you been following the Flash and his allies as they fight to restore the world?   If not, then you may have missed out on some of the new faces that will be showing up in the New 52  beginning in September.

Here are this week’s comics that are paving the way, time to  give you the talking points,  Flashpoints that is …


Booster Gold Final Issue



(w) Dan Jurgens (a) Rick Leonardi, Dan Jurgens, Don Ho and Norm Rapmund

This also serves as a series finale for a book that not enough of you were reading.   Booster Gold, the comic, will not be coming back after Flashpoint as part of the New 52.  Thankfully Booster Gold, the character will, as part of the new Justice League International.

But let’s talk about this issue, and it’s relationship to Flashpoint and to the rest of Booster’s series.  This book was hyped as the only DCU book to tie into Flashpoint.  I thought that made complete sense,  since Booster is the defender of the timeline and time is being messed with, in a major way.   But I was disappointed with how little Booster had to do in the grand scheme. I was really looking forward to seeing Booster catch up with the Flash, Cyborg and Batman, and being part of the team.

The series coda was interesting,  but it raises more questions for me than answers.  Will  we see more of Alexandra  following Booster giving her warnings and clues about the future?  Will she be in the new JLI book? Will Rip Hunter and Booster still be working together?  Will they still be connected?  I hope so,  the last four years have been very good for Booster.  He finally got away from the one note joke he became after his initial run in JLI in the 80’s.  As in the same way that the story has been for a while now, only time will tell.

Emperor Aquaman #3



(W)Tony Bedard  (A) Vicente Cifuentes and Diana Egea

 The war between Atlantis and the Amazons is coming to a head with Aquaman and Wonder Woman coming face to face on the field of battle.  The manipulations of the true villains have been revealed yet it changes nothing. The battle rages on.

As the War becomes more important in Flashpoint, this series, and it’s companion Wonder Woman and the Furies, has become much more important to the main title, and will certainly effect events in the final issue, due at the end of the month. The sad thing, is the big reveal was not really even that surprising. But that really wasn’t the point was it? The story has one more chapter before the end, will  one of the former heroes die at the hands of the other? Will the rest of the world follow Europe into the sea?



CITIZEN COLD #3 (of 3)

(W/A)  Scott Kolins

I am gonna come out and say I love Scott Kolins’ work.  I thought his run with Geoff Johns on the previous Flash series (The Wally West one) was one of the best creative parings of artist, writer and character.  One of my favorite things was the way that they depicted the Flash’s Rogues Gallery.  Kolins’ visual style was perfect for the revitalizing of these classic baddies.

I was upset that at no time did Barry turn up in this series, to see these Rogues reaction to Barry, and to see Barry’s reaction to the fate of Wally West (Damn, Wally is just getting no respect anywhere these days), and the ending of this series does seem to preclude any chance Cold will show up to be part of Cyborg’s team in Flashpoint #5.  (Maybe Piper will turn up, who knows.) Still, if you are fan of classic Flash tales, and the Rogues, this was a great series for you.


Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #3



(W) Jeff Lemire  (A) Andy Smith and Keith Champagne

 Now this series was clearly the backdoor pilot for Jeff Lemire’s (Sweet Tooth) upcoming Frankenstein, Agent of Shade series coming up nu52 (Post-fp? afterpoint?  we need to come up with a cool nomenclature for the DCnU,  Post-Flashpoint is boring.)

That said, since DC resurrected Frankie back in Grant Morrison’s Seven Soliders a few years ago, I have found him to be an interesting character, and the concept of S.H.A.D.E. (Super Human Advance Defense Executive) as the US government’s response to the explosion of active meta-humans (both heroes and villains).   The Freedom Fighters were also part of S.H.A.D.E. and I am hoping some of them turn up in the new series.

I have never been a huge fan of “monster” comics.  Zombies, vampires, werewolves…  It’s all been done in other mediums, but there is something about the big green guy, especially the way the Lemire depicts him, that I have come to enjoy.  Just remember, Frankenstein is the Doctor, not the monster.


Deadman and the Flying Graysons #3


DEADMAN and the FLYING GRAYSONS  #3 (of 3)

(W)J.T. Krul  (A) Fabrizio Fiorentino

Who lives?  Who dies? –  Does it matter?

This series pretty much plays out as expected, Dick is orphaned and  Deadman keeps his word to the dying Poppa G by keeping an eye on Dick. By the end, Deadman will live up to his name.

Will the Furies get the Helm of Nabu, or will Fate step in?

Dick stands up to the Amazons and the Furies. (Personally, I was disappointed that there was no scene between him and Starfire.)

Will  Deadman and the New Dr. Fate show up in the Flashpoint finale?  And beyond?

Not a lot of surprised from here, but in all a solid story.




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  1. Axekek 08/12/2011 at 6:48 pm

    The main question still remains that if Booster Gold knows the previous status quo and unlike Barry Allen is not forgetting it, then does this mean that the DC New Universe is different universe then earth one's. Odds are the old universe is placed where the defunct wildstorm universe was (Earth-50). Otherwise it'll just be a matter of a couple years until it returns to status quo. Either lets enjoy this new universe that hopefully doesn't turn into the last time one of the big two tried this…Heroes Reborn, becaue no one wants that

  2. Nick Furious 08/15/2011 at 9:56 pm

    I am so curious as to what happens to change to the DCnU

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