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Comics Confidential- Eternal Con- Day 2- Cos-Play Madness!

My name is Raphael Moran. Not only am I a writer here at but I’m also a comic creator as well. My first comic series, Dream ...
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Dead Edition

Wednesday What If…? Dead Edition

This week's Wednesday What If is the Dead Edition. That's right, it contains hacking and slashing of dead things. Maybe even some aliens and stuff.
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The Walking Dead 121

Review: The Walking Dead #121

Spoiler review for The Walking Dead #121. A prima donna pisser may have single-handedly lost the war, but first there is so much more to deal with.
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cursed cover page

Kickstarter Spotlight – The Cursed and The Damned

Learn more about a Kickstarter fundraising effort from a personal friend and colleague of Comic Booked contributor Raphael Moran!
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Afterlife with Archie #1

Review: Afterlife with Archie #1

I know what you're thinking: You're review an Archie comic? Really? Afterlife with Archie is not your typical Archie comic. It is like no other ...
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Archie Goes Undead

OK, just when we thought we had seen everything possible to do with zombies, this takes the cake. Yes, The Walking Dead is killing it in both ...
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Marvel of the Dead

Marvel Teases “Marvel of the Dead”

This isn't the first time Marvel has gone the route of the undead.  Marvel Zombies was met with very positive reviews and even brought in new ...
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It Came From The Longbox #13: Feast

It's February and you all know what that means: Valentine's Day... and, of course Valentine's Day means zombies! Yeah, I know, there's a bit of a ...
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Mars Attacks Zombies Vs. Robots

So another IDW event wraps up with one final Martian invasion on another reality. After trying to take out Popeye, KISS, The Real Ghostbusters, and ...
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This time, it's personal, rhymes-with-witches!

Old Is The New New

Don’t hate on me, Internet, because the stuff I’m about to trash includes some of my favorite things! Consider this a healthy dose of “tough ...
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