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George A. Romero: Empire of the Dead #1|Review

2ComicNerds review the highly anticipated Empire of the Dead #1, written by the zombie king himself George Romero. Proudly featured on Comic Booked!
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Review: Night of the Living Deadpool #1

Deadpool wakes up to find himself in a zombie apocalypse. Will he figure out what happened before he loses his head? Reviews on Comic Booked!
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Walking Dead cover 105

Review: The Walking Dead #105

Spoilers! Okay, with the spoiler tag out of the way, let me start by saying issue one hundred and five of The Walking Dead is a great jumping on ...
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Z Girl cover

Review|Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers #3

Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers is best described and an east meets west fantasy with a bit of horror in the mix. The book itself contains all the elements ...
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Zombie Ranch #1

Zombie Ranch: Not Your Typical Zombie Story

Since the fall of 2009, the husband and wife team of Clint and Dawn Wolf have been putting out Zombie Ranch. Zombie Ranch follows rancher Susannah ...
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Try and ESCAPE The Walking Dead!

Holy crap this is amazing! Skipping the pleasantries I am so prone to, this has to be one of the coolest attractions out there! For those lucky ...
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Zombie Dice by Steve Jackson Games

Unpainted Lead: Zombie Dice

Breathing… The sporadic yet seemingly harmonious cords of multiple organic pumps draw your interest as church bells on a Sunday morning… ...
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Review: Infestation 2 #2

Well, this is it! The big finale! INFESTATION 2 #2 (of 2) Written by: Duane Swierczynski Art by: David Messina Cover price: $3.99 We've ...
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ECCC image From Revival from Image

ECCC 2012: Revival Coming Soon From Image Comics

Nope, I don’t mean a revival of Image Comics; the company seems as strong as ever.  I mean a new series from Tim Seeley and Mike Norton! &n...
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Luther is a free comic book from Mark Waid

Review: Luther- A Free Comic Book From Mark Waid

Mark Waid has released a digital comic book for us all to enjoy.  You're free to view this as a gift, but also encouraged to accept it as an ...
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