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Shocktoberfest #3: Werewolves

Continuing to ride the wave of classic monsters still popular in the public consciousness, today we turn our attention to the lycanthropes or as they’re more commonly called, werewolves. The word is derived from Old English, with “were” meaning an [...]

October 3, 2014 Features
cursed cover page

Kickstarter Spotlight – The Cursed and The Damned

Learn more about a Kickstarter fundraising effort from a personal friend and colleague of Comic Booked contributor Raphael Moran! [...]

February 2, 2014 Features
Beck Seashols and Brad Duncan

Vampire Cupcakes and Other Tales from Sweeten Village

In December 2010 artist Beck Seashols and writer Brad Duncan launched the Sweeten Village webcomic.  At first it seemed like a nice, innocent story of a small town, but a few weeks later there were Zombie Gingerbread Cookies running around the [...]

June 2, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

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