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Bad Machinery goes from Web to Print

Bad Machinery by John Allison will be making the transition from a webcomic to a series of books. The webcomic, which is about two rival groups of ...
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Webcomic Review: Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi

Not to be confused with Powerpuff Girls Z, the PPG Doujinishi is a series of webcomics by Victor Ngo, more commonly known as Bleedman. If you’ve ...
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Ace Kilroy

Ace Kilroy a Favourite Web-Based Comic Eagle Award Nominee

For those of you unfamiliar with them, the Eagle Comic Awards are "the comics industry's longest established awards," covering the greats in comic ...
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Sarcastic Justice

Sarcastic Justice #10

    Meanwhile, Bats and Supes call on Aquaman for help... Even still... Aquaman isn't that much help.
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Web Comics Wednesday – Inspiration Beyond

Welcome again to Web Comics Wednesday! This is my first post on Comic Booked and I am very proud to be contributing this week's edition, and look ...
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Everything Daily – Perspective for Beginners – Part 3

We’ve been taking a basic look at perspective. In Part 1, we looked at 1 Point Perspective. In Part 2, we covered 2 Point Perspective. So here in ...
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Indie Insider: Interviewing Joel Poirier

For today's episode of Indie Insider, I got the opportunity to interview Joel Poirier, the creator of the web comic Stripped Comics. We shot the ...
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Shortpacked! by David Willis

Web Comics Wednesday! – Staff Picks

We here at Comic Booked have a wide variety of tastes, from movies, to comic books, to web comics. Today, we thought it would be fun to choose our ...
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Decrypting Rita by Egypt Urnash

Web Comics Wednesday! – ROBOTS

R2-D2. Johnny 5. V.I.C.I. People love robots. Nevermind the whole "Uncanny Valley" aspect of some of the more advanced robots, artificial lifefo...
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Web Comics Wednesday! – Corporate Life

Anyone who has ever read Dilbert knows that the corporate life can be a soul-sucking drain on the human spirit. However, the big office-type ...
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