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Small Press Sunday: Biowars Series Review Part One

Here at Comic Booked we are always trying to show our support of small press publishers. Our favorite way to do that is with our Small Press Sunday ...
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Dennis Calero

NYCC Exclusive: New Stephen King & Dennis Calero Comic

Harvey award nominated artist Dennis Calero announced he's collaborating with writing legend Stephen King to adapt The Little Green God of Agony ...
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Webcomics Wednesday – Role-Playing Games

Welcome again to Webcomics Wednesday! Here at Comic Booked, we freaking love games. Racing games, fighting games, simulations, strategy, but I have ...
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Sarcastic Justice #9

    Meanwhile, Spidey finds himself in an awkward situation... Swinging from building to building must be uncomforta...
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Sarcastic Justice #8

  Meanwhile, Superman takes down the Joker.... Classy.
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Avatar Press Logo

Avatar Press Announces a “Feral” New Werewolf Series

Just as we approach the obligatory Halloween horror-fest, Avatar Press has announced a new comic titled Ferals, to put some monsterrific fright ...
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Doug TenNapel’s Ratfist in Print!

Long ago, I brought to your attention a new web comic, called Ratfist.  It’s a story about Ricky (AKA Ratfist), a guy pushing 40, who dons a ...
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