Friday 03rd July 2015,
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DC and Warner Bros Extend Agreement With Mattel

As an avid collector of superhero (DC especially) toys, I am glad to hear that DC and Warner Bros. will be extending their agreement with toy maker Mattel.  We can look forward to more high quality and utterly geektastic stuff [...]

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Gamer Pulse: Take a Little Lady Break

I’ve been falling in love with Portal 2‘s three malfunctioning personality cores all over again. Nolan North‘s voice work for the three characters is incredibly impressive, and it’ll stick with me for quite some time. Though the entire cast provided [...]

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Arkham Has Moved

Arkham Has Moved

DC, Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Games are sure to deliver another Gem with this sequel! Enter their sweepstakes today. ENTER THE SWEEPSTAKES FOR THE SEQUEL TO BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM DEADLINE 09/01/10 CLICK THE BAT AND ENTER TODAY! Related articles by [...]

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