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Wally West

Who Is Wally West?

The Flash fall finale is set to air this evening and with it we’ll be introduced to a new character named Wally West. However, this Wally West isn’t the one long time fans of the comic books know and love. [...]

December 8, 2015 Movies and TV
New Flash Creative Team

Venditti and Jensen Bring Wally West Back to the Flash

Wally West Flash set to debut in the New 52 under new creative team of Venditti, Jensen, and Booth. - Comic Booked News! [...]

January 14, 2014 Features, News
Wally West

Where’s Wally West? Who Cares?

Since the New 52 — DC’s vast reshuffling of its sizable deck — fans have had many questions. Who is Pandora? What’s with all the collars? Is Wonder Woman wearing pants now or what? And just “Why?” in general. But [...]

April 4, 2013 Features, ZDONOTUSE

The Mantle of THE FLASH

Our character of the month is none other than Barry Allen (Check out Jordamus Prime’s in depth review of Barry Allen Here) who is the alter ego of The Scarlett Speedster better known as The Flash. While Barry is our [...]

March 18, 2011 Features
A Look Back on what Blackest Night Means

A Look Back on what Blackest Night Means

Blackest Night showed us what it meant to love, what redemption truly was, and most importantly that hope lives on. [...]

May 9, 2010 ZDONOTUSE

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