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Dead Space 3: Demo Impressions

EA released the Dead Space 3 demo to the general population on January 22nd and we are here to give you our first impressions of the game (well, based on the demo). Let me start by admitting that I totally [...]

January 24, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
isaac clark

Dead Space 3: Getting in the Know

Dead Space 3 is roughly 3 weeks away and it’s about time to get excited. If you haven’t been paying attention, then you’re in the right place because we’ve compiled an amalgamation of videos and information to update you on [...]

January 21, 2013 ZDONOTUSE

Dead Space 2 is a Sci-Horror Thrillride!

    The world of Dead Space spans video games, graphic novels, animation features, motion comics, a sci-horror novel, and an interactive web site.  If you have yet to brave immersion into this nightmarish world, perhaps the recent release of Dead [...]

February 10, 2011 ZDONOTUSE

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