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Top 5 Faceless Minions

Top 5 Faceless Minions: All comic book fans know the rogues, the great villains who place themselves in opposition of our great and beloved ...
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Crime Syndicate

What If…? Villains Edition

Over the last month, DC Comics has asked the question "What if Evil won?" in their Forever Evil crossover event. Never mind the lenticular covers...
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What Makes a Nemesis?

It has always been said that villains are more interesting than heroes. There’s something about the cathartic, fantasy wish-fulfillment of simply ...
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Nightwing, Colin Bass, Young Justice

Young Justice: Abduction (Fan Made Web Series)

Young Justice: Abduction is a fan made web series loosely based off of the recently cancelled show on Cartoon Network and the multiple DC Univers...
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Jim Lee’s New Darkseid

To say that Darkseid is important to the DC mythos would be akin to saying the Grand Canyon is a crack in the ground. From his introduction in ...
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