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Thursday’s Valiant Effort: TCBD #2

Thursday’s Valiant Effort continues, an uphill battle all the way, but it is so worth it. There are such great books coming out each week from Valiant and we love bringing them to you. Two Comic Booked Dudes have taken [...]

May 15, 2015 Features
valiant effort

Thursday’s Valiant Effort: Ninjak #1!

Welcome to Thursday’s Valiant Effort. For those of you new to this column, I review each book released by Valiant each week.  I try not to spoil them for you, but I give you my opinions and a rating at [...]

March 13, 2015 Features
Valiant Effort

Thursday’s Valiant Effort: Armor Hunters Wrap Up

Still playing catch up. The goal is to get through all the books I have missed and get back to our regularly scheduled content as soon as possible. Thanks for coming along for the ride. I hope you are enjoying [...]

December 6, 2014 Features
Valiant Effort

Thursday’s Valiant Effort: Super-Sized July 2014/SDCC Special

As always, Thursdays are your day for all the best news and reviews from Comic Booked. This week on Thursday’s Valiant Effort, I review the milestone Harbinger #25 and Unity #9 from last week plus all the books from this [...]

July 31, 2014 Features
Valiant Effort

Thursday’s Valiant Effort: June 19, 2014

WARNING: This article will most surely contain some form of spoiler that will make someone very angry. This is a column dedicated to reviewing each Valiant comic each week, right? I don’t always tell you everything about every book, but [...]

June 19, 2014 Features
Valiant Effort

Thursday’s Valiant Effort: May 22, 2014

Welcome to another week of Thursday’s Valiant Effort, your #1 place for all things related to Valiant Entertainment. This week is a big week for Valiant Entertainment as the first of the big milestone issues was released. Multiple artists and [...]

May 22, 2014 Features
Valiant Effort

Thursday’s Valiant Effort: April 10, 2014

We are into April now, counting down the weeks to Free Comic Book Day and the kick off of Armor Hunters. This week on Thursday’s Valiant Effort, two great reviews and a preview of coming attractions. Also, if you are [...]

April 10, 2014 Features
Valiant Effort

Thursday’s Valiant Effort: February 20, 2014

This week on Thursday's Valiant Effort, reviews of Unity #4, Quantum and Woody #8, and Bloodshot and H.A.R.D Corp #19. All of the Valiant Universe covered! [...]

February 20, 2014 Features
Unity #3 review

Review: Unity #3

Unity #3 takes Valiant's first super-team in unexpected directions in yet another excellent issue - and Comic Booked has the review. [...]

January 21, 2014 Reviews
Valiant Effort

Thursday’s Valiant Effort – January 16, 2014

Thursday's Valiant Effort this week covers comics released on 1/8 and 1/15/14. - This Comic Booked column is kid tested, and mother approved! [...]

January 17, 2014 Features
Valiant Effort

Thursday’s Valiant Effort – December 2013

This past year was my first with Comic Booked, and I reached out to a lot of smaller publishers to build or strengthen a relationship with them so that we can help get word out about great comics and, just [...]

January 9, 2014 Features


  Valiant’s laid out their 2014 plans today at their NYCC panel at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan.  It looks like it’s going to be another great year! A Must Read . The panel was held in the packed meeting [...]

October 14, 2013 Reviews
Unity, Variant, Cover, Crain, November

Unity #1 and Valiant’s November Solicits

Coming this November, the Valiant Universe expands with Unity #1! Unity’s story continues over in X-O Manowar#19. AndValiant has a full slate of cracking good comics for November planned, Harbinger, Bloodshot & H.A.R.D. Corps, Archer & Armstrong, Shadowman, Quantum & [...]

August 17, 2013 Reviews
Unity - To Kill a King, he has raised an army

UNITY is Coming… Again

They survived the Harbinger and Sect Wars.  They returned from Planet Death.   Now the Valiant Universe comes together this November in Unity.  That may not be as good as it sounds. In 1992, Valiant launch their first Unity crossover event.  [...]

August 2, 2013 News
X-O Manowar

Valiant Efforts, The History of Valiant Comics – Part 2

If you missed the first part of this series, be sure to check out Valiant Efforts – Part 1 In 1992, Valiant was the little company that could. Shooter and company put together a core of 8 titles, and through [...]

August 9, 2011 Reviews

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