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top 10 tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Best Comic Video Games

If there's one thing nerds love it's when their mutual love of comic books and video games collide.  But if there's one thing nerds hate it's when ...
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Pittsburgh Comic Con program

Pittsburgh Comic Con 2013 Review

en years ago I drove over three hours with my 7-year-old son to Pittsburgh to go to a comic book convention. It was really fun and we met  lot of ...
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2013 Comic Talent Search

Regardless of what people say, it is an exciting time to be into comics. There are so many publishers out there - and some amazing Kickstarter ...
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Cyber Force #5

Review: Cyber Force #5

Who would have known that when Top Cow relaunched their universe some time back that their original title, Cyber Force, would also get a new look? ...
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Madefire Brings the Motion Book Experience to Popular Titles

Madefire has partnered with IDW, Top Cow, Boom! Studios, and iTV to bring the Motion Book experience to select titles including Star Trek and ...
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Aphrodite IX #1

Free Comic Book Day – Aphrodite IX #1

The other comic I picked up at Free Comic Book Day recently was the anticipated relaunch of Aphrodite IX. This is another book by Top Cow and ...
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Son of Merlin #4

Son of Merlin #4

This is a rather unique series originating from Top Cow Productions as it doesn't quite fit into the realm of their universal reboot last year. In ...
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The Darkness

Top Cow Announce the End of The Darkness

Top Cow comics have decided to end their popular series The Darkness.  Current writer of the series, David Hine, told Comic Book Resources that ...
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Ravine cover

Review: Ravine Vol. 1

Ravine, trade paperback Vol. 1. Released 2/27/13. Synopsis: In a fantasy landscape, two heroes set off on two very different journeys. One, ...
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Ron Marz On Why You Should Be Reading Artifacts

The Top Cow series Artifacts is getting close to a dramatic climax. It's rapidly becoming one of Top Cow's top books and is a must read for fans of ...
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