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Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview: Nightcrawler #1

Join the dashing swashbuckler Kurt Wagner as he BAMFs through the Marvel universe protecting mutantkind in Nightcrawler #1 this April.
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Invincible Universe #1 Cover

Invincible Universe #1

Phil Hester has been challenged with a very tedious and daring obstacle.  Create an ongoing Image Comics Universe book.  It would appear it will ...
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DC Comics And Beyond – Guarding the Globe #1

I really enjoyed the “Zero” issues from DC’s “New 52” a lot, but I want to focus on an important comic that debuted this week, Guarding ...
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Image Comics and Robert Kirman Announce Guarding the Globe!

Fans of Robert Kirkman's Invincible rejoice! This fall, Kirkman's Skybound imprint of Image Comics will launch Guarding the Globe. Guarding the ...
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Todd Nauck Gets ComicBooked!

Agent Burgos reporting from the 2010 Phoenix Comic Con! As I walk on the streets of downtown Phoenix, you can't help but  notice a big crowd of ...
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