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Throwback Thursday

Kingdom Hearts

Throwback Thursday: Kingdom Hearts

It's Throwback Thursday once more and January is Final Fantasy month.  Take a trip down memory lane and revisit your favourite titles.  First up ...
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Paper Mario Box Art

Throwback Thursday – Paper Mario

It was a warm spring day in early 2001. I was giddy as a child in a toy store; something that makes sense when you consider that I was a child in a ...
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PSO GCN coverart

Throwback Thursday – Phantasy Star Online

Phantasy Star Online originated for the Sega Dreamcast back in 2000, and was eventually ported to Gamecube and Xbox later in 2002. Despite a very ...
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Atari Feature Image

Throwback Thursday – Atari 2600 Extravaganza!

Here on our Comic Booked Throwback Thursday features, we normally go back and take a look at a single older or retro video game.  Since I don't ...
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Throwback Thursday #18 – Final Fantasy VIII

We're gonna end 2011 in style: with an extra Throwback Thursday. Today, I have the unique pleasure of writing about one of my favorite games that ...
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7 years after the game's release, and Half-Life 2 is still near-perfection

Throwback Thursday #17: Half-Life 2

Valve’s Half-Life 2 is still highly regarded as a near-critic proof game. Its re-release as part of the Orange Box, along with Portal and Team ...
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In-Game footage from Rogue Leader

Throwback Thursday #16 – Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

Amid a sea of, for lack of a better term, crap that launched with Nintendo's GameCube was what is widely-regaled as one of the best Star Wars ga...
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spyro ps1

Throwback Thursday #14 – Spyro the Dragon

It's November and getting quite cold out, so let's think about warm things like my fire-breathing friend Spyro. Released in September of 1998, ...
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Gamer Pulse: Back in Black

After a month-long stint with Throwback Thursday, I'm finally back behind the wheel of Gamer Pulse, and I picked such a good week to take over ...
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Resident Evil 4 Logo

Throwback Thursday #12 – Resident Evil 4

Alas, we come to the last of this month's horrific Throwback Thursdays. I've had a lot of fun revisiting Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, and ...
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