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The Punisher #2 review

The Punisher #2 Spoiler Review

The Punisher #2 continues to push your Friendly Neighborhood Punisher in a more commercial direction - but is it working?
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Avengers Spotlight: Nick Fury

H.A.M.M.E.R. File: 148-NF98 File Classified, Logon To Continue Password: ******* Access Granted Name: Nicholas Joseph Fury Alias: Mr. ...
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Review: Jesse Grillo’s ‘Patriot’

I was recently contacted by Jesse Grillo, the writer behind Bleeding Ink Comics, to review some of his comic book work.  I was pleasantly surpri...
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WonderCon Mavel News – The Punisher in Space?

No, I assure you that title isn't something I just made up. Marvel Comics officially announced the news on the first day of WonderCon 2012, that ...
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Marvel’s Next Big Thing: The Hulk Wants to “Stay Angry”

At Wednesday's Next Big Thing Mystery Liveblog, Marvel announced the next big arc for the Incredible Hulk, titled "Stay Angry". Starting with May's ...
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The Punisher #4 Review

I had originally planned for this The Punisher #4 piece to be part of this week's Bullet Reviews, but I actually got a bit too long-winded for it ...
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Lewis’ Longbox #2

It's Wednesday, which means it's time to go digging in Lewis' Longbox!  This week, I raided the P section of my collection to bring you a few very ...
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