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Sara Rising model sheet

Kickstarter Spotlight – Sara Rising

I met the creators of Sara Rising at the New York Comic Con last year.   At that point they didn't have a finished book yet, but were busy ...
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Marvel Super Hero Squad

Review: Marvel Super Hero Squad

At first glance, the Marvel Super Hero squad appeared for kids only. Fortunately, I am very immature. With their oversized feet and big smiles, the ...
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Jupiter's Legacy #2 cover artwork

Jupiter’s Legacy #2

Jupiter’s Legacy is brought to us by the Chief, aka Mark Millar, and Frank Quitely. The first issue opened up with the telling of two tales, the ...
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The cover of The Adventures of Superman # 1

The Adventures of Superman #1

It is going to be a great summer for fans of the boy in blue. With Man of Steel getting good reviews, things are certainly looking up for Superman ...
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tales of discord cover

Moranic Reviews- Tales of Discord

Tales of DISCORD is a prequel to a critically acclaimed indie comic DISCORD by writer Paul J. Salamoff. It’s being published by Markosia ...
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long gone pic

Moranic Reviews- Long Gone GN

Superheroes have been a landmark staple to the comic medium since its inception.  It’s hard to find a new and interesting take on the “super...
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