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Ultimate Comics Ultimates #15

Big Changes to Come in Ultimates #15

How can we get more people to buy more Ultimate Comics?  I got it!  We’ll make Steve Rogers become President of the United States of America!   Really?  Sales must be pretty disappointing if Marvel is going to go that [...]

September 19, 2012 News
Captain America by Rick Remender and John Romita Jr, part of Marvel NOW!

The Future of Captain America is Marvel NOW!

Marvel NOW!, Marvel’s soft-reboot of their entire universe, has created more than a few strange and bold choices. Matt Fraction on Fantastic Four. Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan taking Deadpool. The choices Marvel is making have the opportunity to be [...]

August 10, 2012 News
Written by Ed Brubaker, cover by Lee Bermejo

Cap’s Former Sidekick Takes Aim In WINTER SOLDIER #1

Bucky Barnes has proven himself a hero time and again. Beginning his “super hero” career as Captain America’s sidekick, he later went on to wear the mantle of the Star-Spangled Avenger himself. However, though believed dead for a number of [...]

January 3, 2012 ZDONOTUSE
Marvel Comics logo

Review: Secret Avengers # 16

Secret Avengers #16, “Subland Empire” marks the beginning of Warren Ellis coming on board as the writer for this title.  Mr. Ellis is one of my very favorite writers of all-time, so I thought I would give this issue a [...]

September 6, 2011 ZDONOTUSE

Preview: Fear Itself #4

The Serpent slithers through July as Fear Itself continues! Writer Matt Fraction’s crossover reaches its midpoint as the battle against the Serpent is wages on two fronts. First, Sin’s wrath rains down upon the United States, as Steve Rogers and [...]

June 10, 2011 ZDONOTUSE
cap 3

Marvel Announces CAPTAIN AMERICA #1

Marvel Announces Brubaker & McNiven’s CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 New Ongoing Series Begins In July Featuring Marvel’s First Avenger New York, NY – April 4, 2011— Marvel Entertainment is proud to announce Captain America #1, the first issue of an all new [...]

April 4, 2011 ZDONOTUSE

Captain America #615.1!

Marvel POINT ONE Sends In CAPTAIN AMERICA #615.1! Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Captain America #615.1, from Eisner Award-winning writer Ed Brubaker and red-hot artist Mitch Breitweiser! In this great starting point for new readers, learn all [...]

February 12, 2011 ZDONOTUSE

FEAR ITSELF Brings Nick Spencer to the SECRET AVENGERS!

FEAR ITSELF Brings Nick Spencer to The SECRET AVENGERS! As Fear Itself ravages the Marvel Universe, red hot writer Nick Spencer (Iron Man 2.0) and fan favorite artist Scot Eaton (Fear Itself: Book of The Skull) answer the call taking Steve [...]

February 10, 2011 ZDONOTUSE
marvel logo

Captain America Prequel Comics?

USA Today reports that along with the Super Bowl spot on Sunday,Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios will launch “Captain America: First Vengeance,” the first issue of an eight-part digital comic book series that will focus on what brought characters to the point [...]

February 1, 2011 ZDONOTUSE
Best of 2010

Best Of 2010: Best Ongoing Series

Here at Comic Booked, we take our comics very seriously! 2010 has been an awesome year to be a comic book fan, but there has been so much going on that it’s hard to actually keep up with it all! [...]

January 1, 2011 Features, ZDONOTUSE
Review of Steve Rogers Super Soldier Issue #1

Review of Steve Rogers Super Soldier Issue #1

So finally got to my Marvel stack of comics and read Steve Rogers, Super Soldier!!!!! This 1st issue is part of Marvel’s new Heroic Age line which I am really not sure what that is, just know that it marks titles [...]

August 5, 2010 ZDONOTUSE

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