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New Comics List for May 25th 2016

Welcome back to Comic Booked for the New Comics List for May 25th 2016.  DC Comics kicks of Rebirth this week with DC Universe Rebirth #1 with a few other titles finishing their current runs like Batgirl #52,  Superman #52, [...]

May 23, 2016 News
Star Wars Leak

Leaked: Art of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The website SlashFilm has somehow gotten their hands on a leaked page from a book entitled ‘The Art of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”.  Below are some of the excerpts from the leak and -fair warning – provide some [...]

May 19, 2016 Movies and TV
Star Wars

Squeaky Mouse Droid: Boba Fett (May the 4th Be With You)

Squeaky Mouse Droid: Boba Fett (May the 4th Be With You) Boba Fett! Boba Fett! Somehow, Boba Fett has become one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars franchise, despite the fact that, in the original films, he [...]

May 4, 2016 Features
Star Wars

Squeaky Mouse Droid – May the 4th QUIZ

The Squeaky Mouse Droid’s Star Wars Quiz for May the 4th There’s never been a quiz like this before… even if you’ve taken every Star Wars quiz known to exist. Ready:   How many times is the “crossguard” saber ignited [...]

May 4, 2016 Features
Star Wars Day 2016

Star Wars Day 2016: News, History & Deals Galore

    From the snowy, icy, windswept plains of Hoth to the sprawling cities of Coruscant and New York City to the dusty desserts of Jakku, Tatooine, Death Valley and even through the never-ending corn fields of the Great Plains here on [...]

May 4, 2016 News
Star Wars

Squeaky Mouse Droid: “Finn-tradiction”

Squeaky Mouse Droid: “Finn-tradiction” If there’s one sure-fire way for a movie character to instantly gain notoriety in pop-culture, and that’s to for that character to have any kind of speaking role in a Star Wars film. Yeah, once that [...]

April 28, 2016 Features
Star Wars

Squeaky Mouse Droid: The “Dak” Side

Squeaky Mouse Droid: The “Dak” Side “Feeling alright, sir?” “Just like new Dak, about you? “I feel like I can take on the whole Empire myself.” “I know what you mean.”  – Dak and Luke, readying for battle in The [...]

April 27, 2016 Features
New Comics

New Comics List for April 27th 2016

Welcome back to Comic Booked’s New Comics List,  this time we are looking at new comics for April 27th, 2016.  It’s a massive week for Marvel Comics  with a ton of new releases. Here are a few that you might be [...]

April 25, 2016 News

Emerald City Comic Con Cosplay Gallery – Part 1

Emerald City Comic Con was held in the Washington State Convention Center (WSCC) 7-10 April 2016. This beautiful venue held a 4 day convention managed by Reed Pop, the company that brings you New York Comic Con, C2E2 and so many [...]

April 20, 2016 Cosplay, Features
Empress issue 1

Review: EMPRESS #1 by Mark Millar and Stuart Immonen

You have to hand it to Mark Millar – the dude never seems to run out of cool ideas. And Empress #1 is no exception. Set 65 million years ago on Earth – or “Er” as the inhabitants refer to it – Empress #1 [...]

April 17, 2016 Features

The Star Wars Cantina: Episode 1 (PODCAST)

This week marked the launch of a brand new podcast that will cover the entire galaxy… The Star Wars galaxy, that is. Tune in for episode one of The Star Wars Cantina Podcast and let us know what you think. [...]

April 8, 2016 Features
Star Wars Rogue One

Star Wars: Rogue One Teaser Analysis

Star Wars: Rogue One Teaser Analysis Perfection. That is really the only word that comes to my mind after  I, a lifetime Star Wars fan, viewed the teaser trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. To be sure,  I [...]

April 7, 2016 Features
disney infinity

Big Disney Infinity News for 2016!

There was a live stream today from Disney Interactive to talk about all the great ideas and plans for this new year and beyond. We have the press release that sums it all up. Fresh from the folks at Disney [...]

March 3, 2016 Games and Gaming
New Comic Book Day

New Comics List for Feb 17th 2016

Welcome back to the New Comics List! Did you all go see Deadpool over the weekend?  If not, you should really put it on your to-do list now. Let’s get into the new comic highlights for this week.  Marvel Comics [...]

February 15, 2016 News

And The 2016 Nominees Are…

No matter your favorite sort of movie, the Academy Awards is filled with the opportunities for almost any film or actor to be recognized for their work. This year is no exception as there is a long list of nominees. [...]

January 26, 2016 Movies and TV

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