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Amazing Spider-Man

Review: Amazing Spider-Man #667

I have to admit that I haven't read many Spider-Man stories recently.  I'm one of those people who was burned by the whole "deal with the devil" ...
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Marvel Teases Fantastic Four #600

Marvel sure has been teasing the upcoming Fantastic Four #600 pretty hard this week! And with good reason. Hitting the 600th issue is a major ...
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Graphic Novel Recommendation: Maximum Carnage!

Here at Comic Booked, we pride ourselves on bringing our readers the latest news in the comic book world, as well as honest reviews of current ...
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An Escape or an Addiction?

Another day has passed, my bills are paid, my books are to be delivered this week and I wonder what I should purchase next. I know I should save a ...
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Review: Ultimate Fallout #4

  Ultimate Fallout #4 Writers: Brian Michael Bendis, Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer Artists: Sara Pichelli, Salvador Larroca, Clayton ...
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Marvel Reveals the New Ultimate Spider-Man!

It wasn't very long ago, just back in June in issue 160, that the Ultimate Universe lost one of the first heroes to have ever graced it's pages, ...
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Amazing Spider-Man 666 Cover

Amazing Spider-Man #666 Review

Amazing Spider-Man #666 “Spider-Island Prologue: The One and Only” Writer: Dan Slott Artist: Stefano Caselli Colors: Marte Gracia...
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So… Just who IS the new Ultimate Spider-Man?

So unless you've been living under a rock in a cave on the moon of late, you may have heard that the Ultimate Universe's Peter Parker died in ...
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Lego Announces New Deal With Marvel and DC!

What a time to be a 10 year old kid! I love Legos, even to this day I enjoy building and destroying things with those wonderful bricks. Well now ...
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SDCC Marvel

Marvel’s Exclusive SDCC Swag and Giveaways

As one of the forerunners of the comic book industry, Marvel Comics has a very high bar to meet when it comes to enticing and entertaining fans ...
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