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Indestructible Hulk #6 Cover

The Future of Indestructible Hulk is Smash!

If you have to lose Leinel Yu then Walter Simonson is pretty much the next best thing.  Simonson has a following that is unlike any other artist. ...
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Smash Teaser

The Future of Marvel NOW is Smash?

Marvel's Golden Boy Mark Waid, who has been winning awards left and right for his amazing work on Daredevil, has been assigned to take on the ...
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Marvel's newest event, happening in December, remains a complete mystery

Marvel Teases New Event for December, 2011

Today, Marvel announced their next big event as cryptically as possible. For a company like Marvel, however, that’s saying quite a bit. Marvel ...
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Can the Hulk take down Bruce Banner? Find out in SMASH!

It’s Bruce Banner Vs. The Hulk In SMASH!

Hot on the heels of DESTROY!, Marvel gives us a look at the next storyline with a hard-hitting title. SMASH!, beginning in Incredible Hulk #1, ...
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