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Zoo Act
3.5 Score

Small Press Review: The Zoo Act

In a comic book market that is extremely saturated with super heroes and their various re-imaginings and deconstructions, it can be very easy to ...
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The Crayfish #1
2.5 Score

Small Press Review: The Crayfish #1

    The Crayfish #1 is an indie comic from Australia. It tells the story of Norman Williams, a veteran of WWII, now a farmer ...
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Penny Palabras

Review – Penny Palabras #4

Spoiler review of Penny Palabras - “Episode Four: Disappearing Acts.” Learn about the latest issue of this relentlessly creepy series on Comic Booked!
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Small Press Sunday Spotlight: Saltire

This week the Small Press Sunday Spotlight is on Saltire, a proudly Scottish superhero graphic novel seeking to embed itself in the culture of that land!
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No Hope Left!

Nuts And Bolts – Submissions

Listing and linking all the publishers our author has submitted to, for better or worse! Want your comic published, here is a thorough guide to submissions!
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Small Press Sunday Spotlight: Penny Palabras

Welcome to our celebration of small press comic releases, with Penny Palabras! Would you like Comic Booked to shine the spotlight on your comic next?
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Kali Yuga Kickstarter

Kickstarter Spotlight|Kali Yuga

This is a Comicbooked Kickstarter spotlight with a difference. The focus is on an interactive graphic novel called Kali Yuga which promises to push ...
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Kickstarter Spotlight | Walk

In a world that’s full of glitzy spandex super heroes, it always nice to see a comic that is doing something different. Walk, by Stefano Cardos...
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Kickstarter Spotlight|No Enemy, But Peace

Whatever your personal feelings are about war or the military, nobody can deny the bravery of the men and women that serve in the armed forces. ...
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Comics|Review|Satanic Hell #1

"Broke and directionless, the three members of the industrial metal band "Satanic Hell" arrive in Texas for a chance tour set up by a mysterious ...
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