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Simone Bianchi


Review: New Avengers #13

Spoiler free! "Inhumanity" by all accounts, should be (and is) a disaster. It’s the changing of the status quo (for the worst). It’s turning ...
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2013 End of Year Comic Awards

Comic Booked’s Best of 2013

With this being my first year at Comic Booked, I was very proud to participate and work with everybody on putting this year end list together. ...
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Thanos Rising Cover

The Future of Marvel Now! is Thanos Rising!

What better time to have a Thanos mini series!  We may remember him as being the Mad Titan who is just completely ruthless and shows no remorse ...
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Birth Teaser

The Future of Marvel Now is Birth?

While Wolverine and The X-Men is (arguably) one of the worst books you can buy, Thor has found a new sense of Wonderful and that is all thanks to ...
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Greg Pak, Mike McKone To Take Over Astonishing X-Men

Marvel announced today that beginning in November, Greg Pak and Mike McKone will be taking over production duties on Astonishing X-Men. In addition ...
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