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Rise of the Third Army - No More Lanterns

Review: Rise of the Third Army – Green Lantern #0

Although already covered by ComicBooked.com, and although there is no direct mention of the Rise of the Third Army as part of its story arc, we cannot talk about this Lantern-based crossover without mentioning the 0 issue of Green Lantern. [...]

November 18, 2012 DO NOT USE
Meet Simon Baz - the new Green Lantern of Sector 2814

Review: Green Lantern #0

As I sat and read through Geoff John’s polarizing new Green Lantern #0, one word kept coming to my mind, over and over, like a splinter: Why? As in, “Why do we need a new Green Lantern of Sector 2814?” We already have four, [...]

September 11, 2012 DO NOT USE

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