Friday 27th May 2016,
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Brandon Rhiness Interview for Mental Case

As a writer and filmmaker who collaborates with other talented creators, Brandon Rhiness from Edmonton, Alberta, CA has an extensive catalog. From comic projects he’s released under his personal Higher Universe imprint to movies, he’s been very busy. His comics Misfits and Ghoul Squad, among many others, are [...]

April 26, 2016 Features, Interviews, Small Press

Gotham 2:13: A Dead Man Feels No Cold

Gotham 2:13: A Dead Man Feels No Cold The latest episode puts Mr. Freeze up against the cops, and Freeze gets some help he didn’t expect! The early plot machinations that set the events of the latest Gotham episode make [...]

March 9, 2016 Movies and TV

Gotham 2.6: “By Fire”

Gotham 2.6 “By Fire” Not sure if you noticed or not, but the producers of Gotham have quite a few tricks up their sleeves. I guess I hadn’t considered it, because for a while I was a bit baffled by [...]

November 1, 2015 Movies and TV

Fall Television Preview: Resurrection

Resurrection returns to ABC for a second season, What does the second season have in store for Jacob? [...]

September 28, 2014 Movies and TV

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