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Walking Dead Season Two

Walking Dead Season Two Recap: Episode 12

Things have definitely changed for the group of survivors led by Rick Grimes. Last episode, after being unable to come to decision about what to do with Randall, the guy that Rick, Hershel, and Glenn helped outside of the Bar [...]

September 25, 2014 Movies and TV
Walking Dead Season 6

Walking Dead Season Two Recap: Episode Three

Thanks for coming back. I hope you have been enjoying my full episode reviews of each season. This installment is going to bring you The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Three as we continue our journey through Season Two. Let’s [...]

June 17, 2014 Features, ZDONOTUSE
Walking Dead Season 6

The Walking Dead Season One Recap: Episode 1

For those of you who have never come out of your zombie protection shelter, The Walking Dead is a show on AMC that launched in October, 2010. From the opening scene of The Walking Dead Season One, we can see [...]

May 9, 2014 Movies and TV

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