I’m going to be honest here, Stephen Sommer’s G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra wasn’t exactly the greatest movie ever made.  Why they decided it needed a sequel/reboot is beyond me, but Jon M. Chu is not exactly the first person on my list that I would put in charge of making a great Joe flick.   With Tatum and Park the only returning Joes, I am hoping G.I .JOE: Retaliation is as great as the teaser trailer made it out to be.   IDW Publishing released a mini-series prequel to this summer’s tent pole flick.  Let’s just say I have a little more hope now than I did before.

GI Joe MoviePrequel 1 preview pageWritten by John Barber, with art by Salvador Navarro, and colorist Esther Sanz (with colors that really stand out as he makes sure each and every panel pops).  I’m not sure if any of the characters in this comic are supposed to actually look like their actor counterparts, but for some reason they don’t.  They also don’t look like the Joe’s they are suppose to represent either, which is odd.   But the story is intriguing… sort of.

We start off with Roadblock who is definitely the star of this mini-series, even though Snake-Eyes adorns the front cover.   Roadblock is on a mission with a fellow Joe, Mainframe, but something goes terribly wrong as their helicopter is attacked by an army of  ninjas.  Yes you read that right.   Okay, so after the helicopter is taken down, the ninja squad kidnaps Mainframe, and Roadblock goes all gun-happy and kills a bunch of them.  It is pretty awesome, but not as awesome as Snake-Eyes running around deflecting ninja stars and killing other ninjas.

It ends with General Hawk basically being a jerk and saying, “No one is going back to get Mainframe,” so apparently Mainframe is just screwed.  And that takes us to issue two, which I will also be reviewing, so check back frequently for more news and reviews on IDW’s GI: JOE: Retaliation prequel mini-series.