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Trinity Reviews #1: Ballistic, Barry Ween, Low

Hiya there! I’ve been absent for a little bit, been working on some projects and a family vacation that sapped up a lot of my time. But I’m back, here to do a new segment where I do mini-reviews for [...]

August 23, 2015 Features

Review: Deadly Class #7

Being a teenager at any point in time is weird and confusing as hell. Your perspective on things starts to take shape, molding itself into something concrete. Sometimes you begin to hate yourself, and subsequently humanity. You get looked at [...]

September 18, 2014 Features
Uncanny Avengers 23 Cover

Marvel Comics Review: Uncanny Avengers #23

“Let’s Get Well” Writer: Rick Remender Artist: Sanford Green Warning: Minor spoilers if you haven’t been following Uncanny Avengers   Uncanny Avengers 23 picks up several weeks after the events of the Planet X storyline. The Unity Squad of X-Men [...]

August 30, 2014 Features, ZDONOTUSE

Advance Review: Deadly Class #5

Deadly Class #5 review I’m going to be completely upfront with the audience before I go on to the review: this is my second favorite ongoing right now. It usurped Batman’s spot on that list but has yet to dethrone [...]

May 27, 2014 Features, ZDONOTUSE
Black Science #3

Review: Black Science #3

A spoiler free review of Black Science #3 by Rick Remender, Mateo Scalera, and Dean White. Fictional science just got even cooler on Comic Booked! [...]

February 4, 2014 ZDONOTUSE
Uncanny Avengers cover

Review: Uncanny Avengers #16

Review for Uncanny Avengers #16, Featuring Thor and Cap vs. The Apocalypse Twins! Read about Remender's epic in the making on Comic Booked! [...]

February 1, 2014 ZDONOTUSE
Deadly Class #1

Review: Deadly Class #1 – Slightly Spoiled

If you liked Wanted or The Bourne Identity, get ready for a serious story that will keep you guessing. Deadly Class #1 is the new comic from Rick Remender and Image Comics. [...]

January 25, 2014 ZDONOTUSE
2013 End of Year Comic Awards

Comic Booked’s Best of 2013

With this being my first year at Comic Booked, I was very proud to participate and work with everybody on putting this year end list together. Essentially, these are the staff picks for best books, writers, and artists of 2013. [...]

December 28, 2013 Features
Uncanny Avengers #15

Review: Uncanny Avengers #15

Spoilers! Very few comics have this big of an impact on the Marvel Universe.  If death really doesn’t matter in the Marvel U (or DC for that matter), what is to prevent people from killing characters off left and right? [...]

December 26, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
Banshee Returns!

Review:Uncanny Avengers #10

The return of four dead characters!?  Normally that would be a huge selling point but for me, it is just another Marvel gimmick that has gotten tiresome.  It takes no real genius to bring back dead characters.  A real story [...]

July 27, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
Uncanny Avengers #9

Uncanny Avengers #9

The only title to have the gumption to show how little the X-Men and Avengers really trust one another brings another issue of mistrust, deceit, and humility.   As this story continues we (the audience) are given glimpses into the [...]

June 25, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
Uncanny Avengers #8 Cover

First Look:Uncanny Avengers #8

After the events of Uncanny Avengers #5 we can pretty much assume whatever evil or horror that is threatening the world is all Thor’s fault.  Odin warned Thor not to fight Apocalypse, but Thor just fought him anyways.  I am [...]

April 12, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
Uncanny Avengers #5 Cover

Uncanny Avengers #5

Uncanny Avengers has become the highlight of my month.  You think I’m kidding, but I give you my word, I am not.  This series has been so good and we are only on issue number five.  Rick Remender has figured [...]

March 29, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
Uncanny Avengers 4

Review: Uncanny Avengers #4

Uncanny Avengers is absolutely brilliant [...]

March 1, 2013 ZDONOTUSE

Captain America #4

So here we are at Captain America #4, the fourth issue of Rick Remender’s run on the title, and I’m still not really sure what I think about it. There’s a bit to love and a bit to hate but [...]

February 23, 2013 ZDONOTUSE

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