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Infinity 3

Review: Infinity #3

[quote]"No. There is nowhere left to run, soldier. We win here . . . or we lose it all. Give the order. ATTACK! Fire everything We've got!" - ...
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Avengers v5 019-

Review: Avengers #19 – INFINTY Tie-In

Tie-in issues to major comic publisher's events usually fall into two categories. Sometimes they are amazing issues that compliment the main event, ...
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Review: Bedlam #8

The cover for Bedlam #8 boasts the tagline “Is evil just something you are or something you do?” This in itself is an interesting question and ...
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Harbinger Wars, Cover, Zircher

Review: Harbinger Wars #4

When the Harbinger Wars began four months ago it was touted as “ a crossover unlike anything else on the stands”  Now that it has reached it's ...
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Superior Spider-Man #11

As always there will be SPOILERS so be warned! ...You've been warned... The cover for this issue is very telling of the long-running under ...
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Thor, God of Thunder: The God Butcher

Where have all the gods gone? In a world where the Norse pantheon lives in a field in Oklahoma, this must be one of the most prominent theological ...
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Review – Peter Panzerfaust: Hooked

The world today, particularly the comics community, seems so cynical. We like our stories to be realistic and gritty. Our characters sensible and ...
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Cover #1

Review: Grimm Fairy Tales presents Robyn Hood-Wanted #1

This issue makes my first exposure to the character within this comic series, so I was excited to get the chance to jump in at the beginning of a ...
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Mystery Society Special 2013 #1 cover A

Review- Mystery Society Special 2013

Steve Niles is one busy man.  He has many creator-owned projects going on and is always working to bring some of his creations back.  Well he is ...
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Rainbows and Rainclouds

Review: Rainbows and Rainclouds

If you're looking for a cute, self-contained webcomic then Rainbows and Rainclouds might be just for you. Created by Kiriska as part of her ...
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