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GameDay at

Return to Ravnica GameDay

  Return to Ravnica GameDay is approaching quickly. Join us on October 27th at NOON for our tournament. $10 entry with 15 person minimum gets the following prize pool: 1st Place: $75 cash and playmat (given by WOTC) 2nd Place: [...]

October 18, 2012 Games and Gaming
Throwdown VI at on Oct 7th

Throwdown VI – Win a Return to Ravnica box

  Virginia Beach, Virginia – Return to Ravnica Event – Alright ladies and gentlemen it is that time again. Return to Ravnica has been released and we will be having our Throwdown series tournament on Sunday. Throwdown VI FREE Type [...]

October 6, 2012 Games and Gaming
Return to Ravnica boosters, intro decks, and fat packs

Return to Ravnica is here.

All things Return to Ravnica have landed at Fat Packs Booster Boxes Intro Decks UP Pro Binders with Ravnica artwork UP Deck Boxes (5 styles to choose from) UP 80 ct Sleeves (2 styles to choose from) UP Playmat [...]

October 4, 2012 Games and Gaming
Join for the Return to Ravnica prerelease

Return to Ravnica Prerelease Schedule

Magic the Gathering’s latest set a Return to Ravnica is set to release on Oct 5th, 2012. Sept 29th and 30th we have 5 prerelease events scheduled for your early perusing pleasure. All tournaments are sealed deck format but we [...]

September 24, 2012 Games and Gaming, ZDONOTUSE
Elves of Deep Shadow

Izzet vs. Golgari Decklists Spoiled!

With Return to Ravnica spoiler season set to start in just a week, we were treated to a sneak peek at the upcoming Izzet vs. Golgari Duel Decks! This deck features a ton of reprints, but it does feature some cards from [...]

August 27, 2012 Games and Gaming
Jace and Niv-Mizzet overlooking Ravnica

Magic: The Gathering Return to Ravnica Announced

Those who were in attendance to the PAX East 2012 Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering panel hosted by Paul Levy, Dave Humpherys, Brady Dommermuth, and Dave Guskin were presented an awe inspiring announcement: The October 2012 fall expert [...]

April 11, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

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