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DC’s New… 11?

There's been a lot of talk about DC's reboot of their comic line (here on Comic Booked as much as anywhere else) - but the next most talked about ...
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Review: Justice League #1

DC's new 52 is off to a great start.  Justice League #1 was a well written-and-illustrated introduction to a fresh DC Universe that isn't used to ...
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Teen Titans Together

This week, DC Comics released Teen Titans #100; the very last issue of Teen Titans before the reboot. Starting in September, these characters have ...
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Superman, Clark Kent, Action Comics

DC Reveals The New Man Of Tomorrow

Earlier today DC Comics posted this bit of news about Superman’s role in their upcoming reboot this September over on the DC Comics Source Blog! ...
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New Justice League Adds More Team Members

With the DC Comics ‘Reboot’ only just over a month away, people are starting to embrace the idea and bit more and look forward to the event ...
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Swampfox Media – Starting a Comic Revolution

Introductions: It's not often I get a chance to interview an upstart indie comic company. Their progress is usually organic and is rarely covered. ...
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Uncanny X-Men Ends In October

Marvel announced this morning that Uncanny X-Men will end following issue #544 in October. According to the press release, this is meant as a form ...
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DC Announces Complete Line Reboot

Today DC officially announced that the conclusion of Flashpoint they will officially reboot the entire DC superhero comics line. All DCU titles, ...
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*(Updated) And The Director For The New Superman Movie Is…….

Not Ben Affleck.......... Not Tony Scott... But the one and only: ZACK SNYDER! Zack Snyder has been chosen to direct  the new ...
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