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Image Comics Review: Real Heroes #1 – Spoiled

Real Heroes #1 Bryan Hitch SPOILER ALERT! I will most certainly be SPOILING! For the common comic book fan, our heroes become important to us. We share their journey, spend our money on their comics, and find ourselves eagerly waiting [...]

March 27, 2014 Features, ZDONOTUSE

Real Life Heroes to the Rescue

Milton, Cabell County, West Virginia Every person who has ever read a comic book has, at some time in their life, wished that those super heroes were real. For the town of Milton, West Virgina, that wish came true on [...]

September 12, 2013 News
Move Over Spider-Man! Go Hide Batman! Viper Is Here!

Move Over Spider-Man! Go Hide Batman! Viper Is Here!

First watch the clip below: Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Now watch another report:   What do you think?  I guess what you see in TV does affect you. I mean I love [...]

July 7, 2010 Cosplay

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