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Valiant Effort

Thursday’s Valiant Effort: The Valiant

Welcome to Thursday’s Valiant Effort, your home for reviews of all the great books from Valiant Entertainment. I try to cover all the comic books that would have been released this past Wednesday. This week, I am still doing a [...]

March 26, 2015 Features
valiant effort

Thursday’s Valiant Effort: Valiant Return!

After a much need hiatus, Thursday’s Valiant Effort is back! This issue, as well as the next couple will be catch up articles to get December through February books reviewed for all you great fans. Look for an awesome giveaway [...]

March 1, 2015 Features
Valiant Effort

Thursday’s Valiant Effort: July 3, 2014

Welcome to Thursday’s Valiant Effort, where you, the reader, can come to get your weekly fix on all things Valiant. I read and review each issue released by Valiant Entertainment, give you any news that we have, and even some [...]

July 3, 2014 Features
Valiant Effort

Thursday’s Valiant Effort: June 5, 2014

Welcome to Thursday’s Valiant Effort, the place for the curious and the fans of the Valiant Entertainment Universe to come and find out what this thing is all about. Each week we review all of the comics released by Valiant [...]

June 5, 2014 Features
Valiant Effort

Thursday’s Valiant Effort: May 15, 2014

Only one week left before the release of the milestone X-O Manowar #25. Check out my interview with one of the artists for that issue. And, don’t forget, the big summer event, Armor Hunters, is just around the corner. But, [...]

May 15, 2014 Features
Valiant Effort

Thursday’s Valiant Effort: April 3, 2014

Spring has sprung and Valiant is about to spring some great stuff on us. This month will bring the ramp up towards Armor Hunters. Only one month until Free Comic Book Day. Plus there is Rai #1 to look forward [...]

April 3, 2014 Features
Valiant Effort

Thursday’s Valiant Effort: March 6, 2014

Two more months to Free Comic Book Day and this summer’s big event, Armor Hunters kicks off from Valiant Comics. Some really cool news about that came out this week. Before you get that, though, I am going to start [...]

March 7, 2014 Features
Valiant Effort

Thursday’s Valiant Effort: February 20, 2014

This week on Thursday's Valiant Effort, reviews of Unity #4, Quantum and Woody #8, and Bloodshot and H.A.R.D Corp #19. All of the Valiant Universe covered! [...]

February 20, 2014 Features
Valiant Effort

Thursday’s Valiant Effort – January 16, 2014

Thursday's Valiant Effort this week covers comics released on 1/8 and 1/15/14. - This Comic Booked column is kid tested, and mother approved! [...]

January 17, 2014 Features
Comic Booked Quantum and Woody 7 Cover

Review: Quantum and Woody #7

Quantum and Woody #7 James Asmus, Ming Doyle, Jordie Bellaire Spoiler-free What makes a funny book… well, funny?  There are a lot of ‘classic’ comedy bits and parts, and even though we’ve seen them all before, a perfectly executed bit will always [...]

January 9, 2014 ZDONOTUSE
Valiant Effort

Thursday’s Valiant Effort – December 2013

This past year was my first with Comic Booked, and I reached out to a lot of smaller publishers to build or strengthen a relationship with them so that we can help get word out about great comics and, just [...]

January 9, 2014 Features
2013 End of Year Comic Awards

5 Essential Graphic Novels You Missed in 2013

There were a lot of great comics last year, and we here at Comic Booked have written a fair bit about them so far.  But we tend to be a bit prejudiced towards monthly comics, as they’re the books that [...]

January 7, 2014 Features

Review: Quantum and Woody #1

Some folks like their superheroes to be gritty and serious.  Others may prefer a more fantastic take. They want their comics filled with high octane action, with humor.  Valiant’s latest series, Quantum and Woody, is clearly for the latter.  And [...]

July 11, 2013 ZDONOTUSE

Valiant Preview: Quantum And Woody #1

Fan-faves Quantum and Woody make their way back to the printed page with Wednesday’s release of Quantum And Woody #1 and here is your sneak peek QUANTUM AND WOODY #1 (W) James Asmus (A) Tom Fowler (CA) Ryan Sook Writer [...]

July 10, 2013 ZDONOTUSE

Valiant Brings Back Another Classic in Quantum and Woody

Valiant Entertainment has really been kicking it out of the ballpark of late. They’ve had a hugely successful run on a number of titles with their relaunch, are heading into a company-wide event with the Harbinger Wars, and are kicking [...]

March 26, 2013 ZDONOTUSE

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