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locust moon

Locust Moon & Dark Horse Comics Release ‘Once Upon A Time Machine’

On October 10th Locust Moon Press will partner with Dark Horse Comics to release the long-awaited science fiction fairy-tale anthology ONCE UPON A TIME MACHINE. More than just a vivid and varied assortment of cartoon fables, the book represents the [...]

October 6, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Wizard World Philadelphia 2012: From Buying to Grading

Somewhere, somehow I went from feelings of disdain towards CGC to craving them to grade my comic books. This also includes purchasing them already encapsulated like my favorite set, New Mutants (1983). I am happy to say I currently have the [...]

July 10, 2012 Features, ZDONOTUSE
twisted Tree main

Wizard World Philly 2012: Twisted Tree Comics

As a guy that reads a lot of comics, there comes a great feeling of joy whenever a new publisher appears in the industry. This past weekend at Wizard World Philadelphia, I had the privilege of checking out some new [...]

June 11, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Jonathan Coulton Performs in Philadelphia

I saw Jonathan Coulton a few years ago in New York.  Paul and Storm were the opening act.  It was in a club with black lacquer tables and small candles.  You know the sort.  The venue was high priced, but [...]

June 10, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Wizard World Philly 2012: Cosplay Extravaganza

Comic conventions are one of my all time favorite things. They are a great place to go out to and have some fun with a veritable cornucopia of different people that all share similar interests and that can generally get [...]

June 6, 2012 ZDONOTUSE
Neal Adams

Wizard World Philly Interview: Neal Adams

At this weekends’ Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia, I had the privilege of sitting down to chat with Neal Adams. Though he is arguably most renowned for his work with Denny O’Neil on titles such as Batman and Green [...]

June 3, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Wizard World 2012: The Preview Day

This was the first year I did not have to wait outside. I don’t know if this was because of the added day or because Wizard World Philly became more organized. The star power seems to be larger than last [...]

June 1, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Nerdcore Breakdown: MC Chris in Philly!

Nerdcore Breakdown: an introduction and concert review The nerd community is one of the largest communities in the world. It’s a community that absolutely would not exist without the culture it grew around. Nerd culture contains some of the most [...]

October 28, 2011 ZDONOTUSE

Interview with “Brimstone & the Borderhounds” Team

At this year’s Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con, Nick Cavicchio and I had a chance to meet up with a rather interesting group of creators. The Borderhounds, the creative team behind the indie publication Brimstone and the Borderhounds, were out [...]

June 30, 2011 ZDONOTUSE

Wizard World 2011 Prelude to an interview with CGC

I am amazed that one question, one simple question can amass such a response. The reason why I say this is because CGC gave me such a wealth of information with my interview. I feel I could write an article [...]

June 26, 2011 Features
Wizard World Philly Logo

Wizard World Philly: A fan’s viewpoint

Every year for the past few years I have taken off from work for Wizard World. This multi-genre fan event spans a full three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). The recent Convention Center expansion on Arch Street allowed the convention [...]

June 20, 2011 Features
Wizard World Philly Logo

Wizard World Philly: First Impressions

For the past nine years, each summer the Wizard World Tour has taken the city of Philadelphia, PA by storm! Though the convention itself has seen it’s ups and downs over the last few years, Wizard World Philadelphia has always [...]

June 18, 2011 Features

Fat Jack’s: My Local Comic Shop

What is it about comic books that every week we are compelled to flock to the comic book shop and pick up our books of choice? To think I used to laugh at my sister when she said she needed to [...]

June 5, 2011 Features
Philadelphia Comic Con 2011 Programming Schedule Announced

Philadelphia Comic Con 2011 Programming Schedule Announced

Earlier today, Wizard announced the event programming for Philadelphia Comic Con. In simpler language, my friends, that means panel schedules! If you plan to attend, then now is the time to start planning your weekend. In addition to an array [...]

June 2, 2011 ZDONOTUSE

CGC at Wizard World Philadelphia 2011

I imagine I feel like a kid just after Thanksgiving because Christmas is about a month later and that is the time between now and Wizard World 2011. Philadelphia is hosting this event at the Philadelphia Convention Center on Arch [...]

May 20, 2011 Features

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