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Zenescope Monday

Just Another Zenescope Monday: May 12, 2014

Welcome to the second installment of a little thing I like to call Just Another Zenescope Monday. If you missed last week, you can catch up here. Last week I recounted all the books that Zenescope Entertainment published in the [...]

May 12, 2014 Features
Family Pets #2

Review – Family Pets #2

When you think of Zenescope as a comics publisher, you think of the Grimm Fairy Tales series. Those books are geared at a more adult audience, based upon the language and violence in some of the titles; basically, I wouldn’t let [...]

June 17, 2013 Reviews
GFT: Realm Knights

GFT: Realm Knights (One Shot)

Of late, I have been introduced to the stories within the Zenescope universe. When I first heard of Grimm Fairy Tales, I thought it was just the classic fairy tales put to comic format. Now that I have learned more about [...]

May 22, 2013 Reviews
Family Pets cover

Family Pets #1

Family Pets is the new (and first) creator owned comic by writer Pat Shand (Godstorm & Robyn Hood to name a few) and artist Sarah Dill (Distillum). The book is being released by Silver Dragon Books which is the all [...]

April 14, 2013 Reviews
Pat Shand Interview

Pat Shand From Zenescope Gets Comic Booked!

I’ve always thought that Raven Gregory was pretty much the household name of Zenescope, even more so than founders Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco, but writer Pat Shand is starting to give them all a serious run for their money! [...]

February 13, 2013 Reviews
Godstorm 3

Godstorm #3 – Review

[quote]Is that what I am? A God?[/quote] Julian’s adventure carries on where issue #2 left off. Having just discovered he possesses supernatural abilities that can kill, what better way to come to terms with taking your best friend’s life than [...]

December 29, 2012 Reviews

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