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Marvel Now! is…NOW!

Tease after tease after tease.  Why do we let Marvel do this to us?   Do we enjoy this sick twisted game Marvel is constantly playing with us?   ...
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Marvel Teams Up with Susan G. Komen For The Cure

This Fall, Marvel Entertainment and Susan G. Komen for the Cure will be teaming up to take on a real world villain: breast cancer. Marvel heroes...
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Boom! Preview: Snarked #1

Fans, critics and creators agree — Roger Langridge's Snarked is a bona fide hit. Debuting last week for only $1, Snarked #0 has already found a ...
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Image Comics Solicits for October 2011

Check out below for a list of a list of Image Comics being released in October! OCTOBER 5 BLOOD RED DRAGON #0 story JON GOFF art CARLO ...
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Greetings from Green October!

Hi everyone! My name is Green October, and I am one of the newest Bookers on the ComicBooked team! Looking forward to writing interesting ...
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