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The Great White North in Comics: Canada Has Featured Prominently Through The Years.

Being the token Canadian writing for these days it seems appropriate that I would start my time as the site’s Justice League ...
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Supurbia Gossip

Supurbia Gossip: Twilight is gay, and no one Cares!

Gio Taviani, aka Agent Twilight, recently “came out” as a homosexual in the pages of Grace Randolph’s Supurbia. The thing about it though, is ...
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Top 5 Canadian Characters You Know (And One You Probably Don’t)

This past Sunday was Canada Day, the day in which Canadians celebrate the birth of our nation much as the Americans celebrate Independence Day. We ...
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Alan Scott - The Golden Age Green Lantern

Opinion: DC and Alan Scott

Recently, DC Comics announced its intent that the golden-age Green Lantern, Alan Scott, will be an openly gay character (in fact, Comic Booked ...
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Marvel Announces Landmark X-Men Marriage

Given that Marvel was incredibly bold to have Northstar come out years ago, this whole thing is not being done to show support for gay marriage. ...
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DC Comics to Out a Previously Straight Character

When DC relaunched its line with the New 52,  they made several changes to many long standing characters;  costumes changed, history changed-- ...
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First Look: Astonishing X-Men #50 Variant Cover

By this point I would like to think that everyone knows who is going to be getting married.  I don't know if Marvel is doing this because of how ...
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Superheroes Hate Bullies

Today, October 20, is wear purple for Spirit Day. It's not only to remember those who felt suicide was the only way to deal with bullying, but ...
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