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No Man’s Land


Comics Casting Couch: No Man’s Land

I'm back with a brand new segment of Comics Casting Couch.  This time around, I've picked an epic story: the seminal Batman classic, No Man's ...
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Joker's Death Toll Picture 1

Death of the Family Event: Joker’s Death Toll

As I compile and order my thoughts and opinions for my final complete overall review for the "Death of the Family" event, one major thing has come ...
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Comic Booked Christmas Gift Guide: Trade Paperbacks

It's that time of year again - hockey season! But, since there's a lockout going on, you're going to need to find something else to keep your ...
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Four Color Flashbacks – Detective Comics 592 and 593

It was fall of 1988 and I was in basic training in the US Air Force.  I was feeling sad and home sick.  I was 18 years old and had never been ...
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