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Nick Bradshaw


Review: Evil Ernie #1 (2012)

Seems like only yesterday I was still collecting Fangoria Magazine when issue 108 came out. The cover featured People Under The Stairs, a true ...
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Evil Ernie

SDCC 2012: Dynamite Gets Evil!

Back in the 90's it seemed as if everyone and their Aunt Petunia had their own publishing company. One of those publishers was a dark place called ...
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Iceman V. Rulk

Review: Wolverine and the X-Men #11

A while back, Jason Aaron railed against Alan Moore when the Watchmen co-creator suggested, among other things, that DC's Before Watchmen mega-pr...
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Mars Attacks, IDW Publishing

Mars Attacks This June!

The first round of the Attack was the announcement. We learned who the enemy was: Martians. The second round we learned who was giving the ...
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Art by Khoi Pham

Venom Infects The Marvel Universe In January

January is Venom month in the Marvel Universe! To commemorate the big changes concerning everyone’s favorite symbiote, Venom will be infecting ...
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Art by Nick Bradshaw

First Look At Marvel’s X-Club

The X-Men’s braintrust will have the spotlight to themselves this December. Brought to you by writer Simon Spurrier, who has written extensively ...
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Check out what Jason Aaron has in store for Wolverine & The X-Men

Things To Come – Wolverine And The X-Men

Today is a landmark day, ushering in the first issue of the newest X-title, Wolverine & The X-Men. If you haven’t heard, Cyclops and Wolver...
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Will Point One mark the return of the Phoenix?

Marvel Gives Unprecedented Retailers Incentive for Point One

With Marvel’s new Point One issue, slated for a release in early November, being so integral to the publisher's character and story development ...
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Art by Nick Bradshaw

Marvel Reveals Two Cover Images For Point One

When Marvel first revealed the news of the Point One book, due in stores in November, the intent was to promise fans a glimpse into what is to come ...
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