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Music & Comics: How They Influence Each Other

There are countless examples throughout the last 50 years of music and comics influencing one another. When I initially started thinking about this topic (yes, I spend more time than I care to admit pondering such things) quite a few [...]

October 18, 2012 DO NOT USE, Features

Comics In The City – 01/25/2012

  What an amazing week in the world of art and geekery! This week has been incredibly busy as I set about prepping for my trip out to Vancouver to visit the set of Falling Skies and so despite the [...]

January 26, 2012 DO NOT USE, Features
5 Albums That Have Impacted Me This Decade

5 Albums That Have Impacted Me This Decade

Earlier in the month I saw a link in my timeline of IGN’s Top 25 Rock Albums of the Decade. This got me thinking to the fact that your average album has a typical shelf life of roughly 2-5yrs in [...]

December 23, 2011 Features
v-day 3

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! Comic Booked Loves You!

Oh yes, it’s that time of year again. The time of hearts and flowers, of chocolates and cards. The time of kissing the night away or watching a good slasher, or perhaps for the most lucky of all, partaking in [...]

February 14, 2011 DO NOT USE

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