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News: Casey Kasem Dies on Father’s Day at 82

Casey Kasem, whose voice has been heard by pretty much everyone whether they knew it or not, died on Sunday, June 15th, at the age of 82. Kasem was probably best known as the host of the radio show American [...]

June 16, 2014 News
Wizard World

Music to Cosplay to – Wizard World Song Contest!

Wizard World is holding a song contest of sorts, what do you think would make the best song for a cosplay video? - Comic Booked music posts! [...]

January 17, 2014 News

Music & Comics: How They Influence Each Other

There are countless examples throughout the last 50 years of music and comics influencing one another. When I initially started thinking about this topic (yes, I spend more time than I care to admit pondering such things) quite a few [...]

October 18, 2012 Features
Dark Horse Comics

Vivek J. Tiwary to Adapt The Fifth Beatle for Film

Dark Horse Comics‘ The Fifth Beatle from their M Press imprint, written by Vivek J. Tiwary and drawn by Andrew Robinson, is set to be adapted into a film. The graphic novel, based on the life of Beatles manager Brian [...]

October 10, 2012 News
Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse and Corey Taylor’s House of Gold & Bones

Dark Horse Comics and the singer of Slipknot and Stone Sour, Corey Taylor, team up for the new comic House of Gold & Bones, which will have Jason Shawn Alexander on cover art. This 4-issue mini-series will be part of [...]

October 10, 2012 Features

Review: Stumptown #1

Oni Press’ debut issue of Stumptown, written by Greg Rucka and drawn by Matthew Southworth, starts off with an interesting premise. Take a band, put them out front and center, and build a mystery with a missing guitar. If first [...]

September 26, 2012 Features

44Flood & the Wild Success of the TOME Kickstarter

A couple of weeks ago, a few of the most exciting creators in comics started cryptically teasing a new endeavor called 44Flood. These gentlemen habitually surf on the bleeding edge of creativity. They always have. They carelessly skirt that mythical [...]

June 26, 2012 ZDONOTUSE
Scarlet Spider #6

Review: Scarlet Spider #6

During one of the four(!) epilogues to this issue, Spider-clone Kaine confesses to a priest about his own guilt and desire to better himself.  When the priest asks his name, his response from hearing it is “Hoo-boy.  Sounds like we’ve [...]

June 15, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Got Time For a “Quickie” With Phoenix Jones? (That Came Out Wrong)

I could almost make a career out of writing about Seattle’s Phoenix Jones this week. A new “villain,” Rex Velvet, released a video taunting the Rain City Superhero. Then Phoenix was mixing it up with protesters in an effort to [...]

May 3, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Marceline the Vampire Queen Headlines in Adventure Time Comic

With all the cool comic and other geek news coming out of C2E2 this week, it’s almost understandable that some news not released in Chicago got lost in the flow… But I still can’t believe I that I just got [...]

April 18, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Andrew Dost of ‘fun.’ gets Comic Booked!

A few weeks back Comic Booked premiered a new column called ‘Music To Read By’, in which we take a popular song and talk about which comic books it seems to fit best with as a soundtrack. To kick off [...]

April 15, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

2013 American Music, Pop Culture Expo

Pop Culture and music lovers rejoice! On March 29th and 30th, 2013 in Hershey, Pennsylvania there will be an Expo with all sorts of vendors selling various music, DVDs, comics and more. There will be something here for everyone whether [...]

April 14, 2012 ZDONOTUSE
We Are Young is an appropriate anthem for many different comic book series'

Music To Read By: We Are Young by fun.

Music means something different to everyone. A song may be meaningless to one, but for someone else, that same song may become irreversibly tied to a person or an event, conjuring up wonderful memories each time the first few bars [...]

March 26, 2012 Features
Batman: Arkham City - The Album

Batman: Arkham City – The Album Review

This week on Comic Booked Music we’re taking a listen to the Batman: Arkham City – The Album. Overall, Batman: Arkham City – The Album is a cohesive, thematic body of work from many of the leading artists in the rock [...]

February 26, 2012 ZDONOTUSE
Jonathan Coulton, Geek Troubadour

Music That Should be Comics

Here on, inspiration is kind of a big deal for obvious reasons, as it drives the creation of the games, movies, and comics that we love. We have it directly from the source, in the form of our interviews [...]

February 18, 2012 Features

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