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Remembering James Garner

On April 7th, 1928, James Scott Bumgarner was born in Norman, Oklahoma.  On July 19th, 2014, he passed away in Los Angeles, California due to natural causes.  With the story of his life complete, we now can look back on [...]

July 24, 2014 Movies and TV
Princess Leia Stormtroopers

Disney Listens To Fans: Princess Leia Toys Are Coming

Disney refused to include Princess Leia in their upcoming toy lines. Fans took to Twitter to voice their displeasure. Now, Disney has responded. [...]

June 10, 2014 Movies and TV

How DC/Warner Bros Should’ve Handled the Justice League Movie*

Let’s take a trip back, shall we? Had Paramount/Marvel’s 2008 ‘Iron Man’ flopped, just made its budget back, or earned ‘modest’ returns, the end credits scene with Nick Fury hiding in Tony Stark’s living room would’ve been nothing more than [...]

May 7, 2014 Movies and TV
Stir the Pot Saturday Logo

Stir the Pot Saturday: Favorite April Fool’s Day Prank

Welcome back to Stir the Pot Saturday!  Forget the rules?  Check them out here and here. And remember, stirring the pot is, simply put, an old idiom that means agitating a situation to cause a reaction, trouble, unrest, or even dissent.  Kinda like what Loki does. [...]

April 5, 2014 Reviews
Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Poster

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Set Photos

(Updated 4/23/14 to include new photos) We’ve got a few new photos on the set of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron thanks to Robert Downey Jr. and Twitter. The photos include a shot of Downey and Mark Ruffalo, a shot of the [...]

March 25, 2014 Movies and TV
New Releases

New Releases – March 24th, 2014

This week’s theater releases will see the latest from Russell Crowe and Emma Watson, Noah, along with a new Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick, Sabotage which also stars Sam Worthington and Terrence Howard. Meanwhile, home release will see Oscar nominated film, The Wolf of Wall [...]

March 24, 2014 Movies and TV
New Releases

New Releases – March 17th, 2014

The week of March 17th holds some fantastic releases both in theaters and at home. Oscar nominated films across the board hit home release on Tuesday including Disney’s Frozen, plus American Hustle, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, and Saving Mr. Banks. Theaters will [...]

March 17, 2014 Movies and TV
Veronica Mars Movie Poster wide

Veronica Mars Movie (2014) – Review

A long time ago…we used to be friends. How very fitting a theme song, and as soon as it is heard on the big screen a rush of nostalgia and familiarity returned. Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell and company do not [...]

March 17, 2014 Movies and TV
New Releases

New Releases – March 10th, 2014

Every Monday, we will post lists of that week’s new releases. The lists will consist of new theater releases, which will most likely premiere on that week’s Friday. Additionally, we will list home releases for Blu-Ray, DVD and digital, which [...]

March 10, 2014 Movies and TV
Stir the Pot Saturday Logo

Stir the Pot Saturday: The Triumphant Return

So here we are.  2014.  A new year.  A new set of rules.  And a new batch of people to fight with on the internet! With that being said, I’d like to formally invite you back (or rather, instigate a [...]

January 11, 2014 Features
top 10 tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: A New Weekly Column

Comic Booked is very proud to present a brand new weekly column, each and every Tuesday.  Top Ten Tuesday is going to be a list of my personal favorites (or least favorites) of the comic book world.  Ranging from writers [...]

January 7, 2014 Features