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Matt Pizzolo

Occupy Comics

Review: Occupy Comics #1

Black Mask Studios' release of Occupy Comics #1 features the art and illustrated essays of luminaries including Alan Moore, Molly Crabapple and Art ...
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Black Mask Studios

Black Mask Studios Launches!

Black Mask Studios, a new comic book company from Steve Niles, Matt Pizzolo, and Brett Gurewitz, has officially launched with their first publish...
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Steve Niles

Comic Revolt with David Gillette: Steve Niles, Mr. DIY

In this week's Comic Revolt, I spent time talking with Steve Niles about the never-ending story that seems to be his life and career in comics. The ...
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Matt pizzolo

Comic Revolt with David Gillette: Halo 8′s Matt Pizzolo

In this week's installment of Comic Revolt, I had the opportunity to chat with Halo 8 president Matt Pizzolo. Some of his work includes writing ...
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Comics Go Punk Rock: Black Mask Studios News

For a while now, I have been suggesting (in a round-about way) in my articles here at, that comics are kind of punk rock. Not the ...
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