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Marvel Comic Conjecture: Kraven the Hunter

Kraven. We all remember him. Lion vest with a mane and truly villainous, if dashing, facial hair. The last the comic world heard of him, it was ...
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Guardians of the Galaxy Releases New Trailer

Marvel continues to tease the world with new Guardians of the Galaxy material. This time they give us more Groot and more Rocket.
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The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1 review

The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1 Review

The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1 Review Mike Benson (w), Tan Eng Huat (a), Craig Yeung (i), Jesus Aburtov (c), VC's Joe Sabino (l) You know, I'm ...
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Marvel Comic Review: Nightcrawler #2 – spoiled

Nightcrawler #2 Claremont, Nauck, Rosenberg SPOILER ALERT! I will most certainly be SPOILING! Last month was characterized by discovery ...
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You Choose the Content of Marvel’s 75th Omnibus

Marvel Comics has announced they will be releasing a special omnibus to celebrate 75 years of comic book publishing history and they are only ...
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Female Mutants

Top 5 Sexiest Female Mutants

In the spirit of giving you all the information that we can possible dump on your head, here is a massive Marvel menagerie of beautiful but ...
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Agents of SHIELD finale

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “Beginning of the End” Review

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., "Beginning of the End" "Beginning of the End" is far from the most exciting episode of the series, but it brings ...
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Marvel Comics Review: Moon Knight #3 – spoiled

Moon Knight #3 Ellis, Shalvey, Bellaire SPOILER ALERT! I will most certainly be SPOILING! Well, Ellis has remained true to his word ...
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Marvel Comic Review: Iron Fist the Living Weapon #2 – Spoiled

Iron Fist the Living Weapon #2 Kaare, Kyle, Andrews SPOILER ALERT! I will most certainly be SPOILING! If the first issue was to feel ...
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Original Sin

Original Sin Event Coverage: Original Sin #1

Welcome to the official Week 1 of the Comic Booked Original Sin Event Coverage, since this week sees the release of Original Sin #1. I feel like ...
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