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Charlie Chan Hock Chye

Independent Comic Spotlight: Fall Edition

It’s here.  Independent Comic Spotlight.  Welcome back, fans of the indy comic book and graphic novel scene!  Some folks have been sending me their work and it’s about that time to give them a quick shout-out.  Here are some great [...]

November 22, 2015 Features
Starburn 1

An Interview with Writer Kelly Bender

I just did a review of Kelly’s comic book Starburn and have also done a review Snarl, another book from Kelly, and I decided that it would be a good Idea to pick Kelly’s brain and see what drives him [...]

July 2, 2015 Features
Toxic Storm 4

Small Press Sunday Spotlight: Markosia Exclusive Part 3!

Small press publisher Markosia has provided us with plenty of comic material for review, here's a taste on Comic Booked! [...]

February 16, 2014 Features
toxic storm pinup

Markosia LSCC Exclusive Part Two: The Interview!

Amazing Markosia LSCC exclusive comic book goodness comes to Comic Booked first, with event info, interviews, previews and reviews! [...]

February 9, 2014 Features
Markosia lscc cover

Markosia LSCC Exclusive Part One: The Event!

Event info, interviews, and previews/reviews of kick-ass Markosia LSCC exclusive comic book goodness is coming to Comic Booked first! [...]

February 6, 2014 Features
technomancer cover

Comics Confidential: The Birth Of Techno-Mancer

It’s been awhile since I contributed another addition to Comics Confidential.    The main reason for the lack of content was that I’ve been hard at work trying to finish my new graphic novel, Technomancer.   Like with every project I’ve done, [...]

November 19, 2013 Features

Comics Confidential: NYCC Overview Part 2 – Cosplay and Artist Alley

In the last part of this article I talked about my time at the New York comic con.   The Massive crowds, the cool toys, statues and even the surprise guests that showed up.      Clink on this link here to read [...]

November 3, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
Markosia - Free Comic Book Day

Markosia FCBD 2013

With Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) fast approaching, I thought I would take a look at the offering from UK based Publisher Markosia Enterprises. Lets start with a breakdown of what is in the book. Its a full color book [...]

May 1, 2013 ZDONOTUSE

British Showcase|Interview|Graeme Howard

Hello and welcome to “British Showcase.” I am always keeping my ears to the ground for news about British artists that are making a splash. One name that came up a few times was comic book artist and illustrator, Graeme [...]

October 17, 2012 Features

British Showcase|Markosia

Hello and welcome to this week’s monster edition of “British Showcase.” This installment is a huge one. I got to speak with Harry Markos from Markosia, the largest independent publisher of comics and graphic novels in the UK. Markosia has [...]

October 7, 2012 Features

The Vessel Of Terror- Edge Of Your Seat Indie Horror

The cover alone to The Vessel of Horror invokes images of Lovecraftian horror. The new graphic novel from Markosia delves into those Lovecraft mythos headfirst but luckily doesn’t over do it. The story itself is based on the true story [...]

November 14, 2011 Features

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